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About Us

At The Peace Company our core purpose

is to make a distinctive contribution

to the well-being of people around the world.

The Peace Company is an educational portal and business platform that serves as agency for public good. We operate as a For Benefit Enterprise, an emerging class of organization that combines the attributes of a non-profit with the engines of entrepreneurship. Our mandate is to serve and maximize benefits for all stakeholders, which includes our employees, customers, partners, suppliers, local community and society as a whole.

The Peace Company embodies a passionate belief that business can and must be a "force for good” to steward the planet, address global issues, care for community, and empower people. We embrace social entrepreneurship and ethical business as a noble pursuit®, recognizing commerce and fair trade as essential elements in a world that works for all. We welcome partnership and collaboration, and hope you will join us in rethinking the role of business and relationships in the fabric of human community.


Kimberly King, President
Brent Bisson, President

November 15, 2011


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