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The Peace Dividend

As part of The Peace Company's commitment to living in right relationship with our community, we offer 5% of our profits to local programs that we feel are doing exceptional work in fostering a culture of peace. We call this a Peace Dividend - a way to honor the cycle of reciprocity and support the flow of wealth for peace.

Past recipients of The Peace Dividend include:


Pathways to Peace (PTP) is an international peacebuilding, educational, and
consulting organization. The mission of Pathways to Peace is threefold:

  • to expand the comprehension and substantive expression of "peace" and peacebuilding practices at all levels
  • to build Cultures of Peace by uniting and enhancing the strengths of existing organizations and programs along eight paths to Peace
  • to contribute, through consultation and direct participation, to the evolving mission of the United Nations and to citizens' worldwide participation in the International Day of Peace and Culture of Peace Month

The mission of Pathways to Peace is accomplished through its projects and consulting services. Current projects which demonstrate the practical aspects of Peace include: "We The Peoples" Initiative, Cultures of Peace Education Project, Events with Peace Leaders, Peace Within Organizations/ PeaceBuilding.com, People4Peace, and PTP Consulting, Mentoring Fund.

"Peace", as it is defined by Pathways to Peace, is both an innate state of being and a dynamic, evolutionary process. Peace begins with ourselves, living in harmony with one another, the Earth and all Circles of Life. PTP's operating principle-in-action is:

Acting in concert, we do make a difference in the quality of our lives, our institutions,
our environment and our planetary future. Through cooperation,
we manifest the essential spirit that unites us amidst our diverse ways.

Envisioned in 1945, Pathways to Peace initiated research and development in integrative decision-making in 1962 and began its consulting in the early 1970's. It was incorporated in 1983. Pathways To Peace has Consultative II Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and works with the U.N. Centre for Human Rights, U.N. Centre for Human Settlements, UNESCO, UNICEF, and other Agencies. It is also an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations. PTP is a tax-exempt, for Social Profit, Non-partisan 501(c)(3) Corporation, (tax-exempt I.D.# 68-0015625).


Sunray Peace Village is an international spiritual society dedicated to planetary peace. Home fire of the Green Mountain Aniyunwiwa and a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma center of the Nyingma and Drikung Kagyu schools, Sunray is composed of three distinct schools: Native American Studies, Buddhist Studies, and Healing Arts. Sunray Practices embody three ancient intact spiritual lineages. The common thread: teaching practical means to realize compassion and right relationship with Earth and all relations.

Sunray offers ongoing programs of education, service, and spiritual training, bringing together people from all walks of life to share and apply, at individual, family, community and international levels, skillful methods of peacemaking.

The activities of Sunray touch all levels of the family of life, from individual to clan, community, nation, and planet. International activities include peace building and skillful transformation of conflict in many regions of the world.

Sunray was founded by Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, holder of the Ywahoo lineage and chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yunwiwa. Trained by her grand parents, she is the twenty-seventh generation to carry the ancestral wisdom of the Ywahoo lineage. Charged with the duty to rekindle the fire of clear mind and right relationship in these changing times she is a guide to all, who walk the Beauty Road.

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