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Audio Innerpeace Detail
Item # MUS-102
Price: $16.95

Inner Peace
by Steve Halpern, CD

Within Each of Lies an Oasis of Peace

‘All too often, however, the hectic pace and stress of daily life makes it hard to find the time to slow down and come back into balance. For over 25 years, millions have discovered a timely sound solution for stress relief—and now, so can you.

Take a deep breath…close your eyes, and let the music effortlessly transport you to a delightful place of tranquility, balance and joy. Almost immediately, you’ll notice you re breathing more deeply, and re-connecting to that special place of peace that exists within each of us.’

“Steven Halpern is a musical musician, a healer with sound. His music has helped millions experience transformative moments that lead to greater wholeness and happiness.”
–Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author of Reinventing Medicine

Nine tracks. 60 minutes of peace and relaxation.

MUS-102 Inner Peace………. $16.95

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