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Peace Begins with You Detail
Item# BOK-109
Price: $9.99
Peace Begins With You
by Katherine Scholes

Helping Children Grasp the Concept of Peace

The Concept of Peace can be difficult for children to grasp, but award-winning author Katherine Scholes succeeds in explaining clearly and simply how and why peace has a place in all of our lives. The book begins at a personal level, and how this can become a source of conflict. It then explores the many ways in which conflicts can be resolved, including the positive ways that avoid a winner/loser outcome.

From this starting point, the scope of the book broadens, taking in national and international issues, including environmental ones. In the end, it suggests that the best way to protect peace-whether in our own homes or on a global level-is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

Beautiful full-color illustrations, drawn with depth and insight by Hans Christian Anderson Medalist Robert Ingpen, complement Katherine Scholes’s powerful text.

“This slim, timely volume…tackles the concept of peace…with resounding success. Scholes articulates her ideas clearly…and empowers children through suggestions of steps they themselves can take to become peacemakers.” –Publishers Weekly

Softcover / 40 pages / Dimensions: 0.13” x 8.30” x 8.30”

BOK-109 Peace Begins With You……….$9.99


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