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Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids
by Naomi Drew

Practical Ways to Create a Calm and Happy Home

What can you do to help your children cope with stress? How can you give them the skills for talking over problems, instead of fighting about them? Where can you find time to help your kids be less volatile, more cooperative, and happier?

In Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids, Naomi Drew brings the same revolutionary action plan she developed for the classroom to parents everywhere. Illustrated by concrete situations, hands-on examples, and testimonials from real-life parents, this must-read guide gives you techniques that include:

  • How to create a “put-down-free zone” and stop angry outbursts
  • An “on-the-spot” tool to reclaim calmness instantly, any time any place!
  • Kids’ favorite ways for cooling off and reducing upset and anger
  • Active listening-five simple principles that foster understanding and self esteem.
  • Resolving conflicts-six steps for turning tears and frustration into win/win outcomes.
  • And much more!

“Gives us a means to achieve a peaceful family” --Eileen Zweig, co-author of Operation Bookworm

“Necessary…provides parents with great tools” —Anita Arnold, M.S.W. Family Therapist

Softcover / 272 pages / Dimensions: 0.81” x 9.14” x 6.04”

Highly recommended.

BOK-218 Peaceful Parents, Peaceful Kids…$14.00

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