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Peace Tales Detail
Item #: BOK-101
Price: $15.95
Peace Tales
by Margaret Read MacDonald

World Folktales to Talk About

‘Here are thirty-four folktales and lots of proverbs from all over the world that are full of such choices. They are fun read and to tell because they get people to think and talk about things that lead to war, and the things that lead to peace. These are choices all people face:

Maybe it’s the king who spills honey and then says it is not his problem—until it causes a war. Or maybe it’s some sandpipers and whales who get into a foolish fight that almost destroys their homes. Perhaps it’s the man who thinks that a gun makes him strong, or the monkeys who follow their leader into water that’s too deep. On the other hand, it could be wise Coyote who turns argument into debate, or the blind man who “sees” how to right a wrong—or even brave hummingbird who lies on his back with his feet up to save the world from a falling sky.

These are just a few of the folk stories in this book. They show us not only what war can do, but what peace can be and how to make it happen. Read and find out!’

Softcover. 116 pages with index. Reading level: middle school to adult.

BOK-101 Peace Tales by Margaret Read Macdonald……….. $15.95

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