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Waging Peace in Our Schools Detail
Item #: BOK-303
Price: $17.95
Waging Peace In Our Schools
by Linda Lantieri and Janet Patti

Based On the Work of the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program

From the largest and most successful school initiatives in social and emotional learning in the country–the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, now active in more that 350 schools nationwide–comes a powerful, practical guide for teaching young people to empathize, mediate, negotiate, and create peace. The authors address everything from minor schoolyard conflicts to violent outbursts, and offer educators and parents proven strategies for enhancing children’s emotional, social, and conflict resolution skills.

“Parents, educators, and counselors need to put this groundbreaking work on their ‘must read’ lists.” –Richard Fields, Professional Counselor

“A convincing argument that public education should nurture not only the minds but the hearts of children.” –Chrystal Ingram, Creative Classroom

“More than 70 percent of teachers who’ve gone through RCCP training report that there is less physical violence in their classrooms and that their students now exhibit more caring behavior and increased skills in understanding other points of view…The authors do an excellent job of outlining the steps parents can take…to create a ‘peaceable home.” –The Washington Post

Highly recommended.

Softcover / 268 pages / Dimensions: 0.73” x 9.16” x 5.96”

BOK-303 Waging Peace in Our Schools….$17.95

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