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Company Store » Children's Peace Corner » Hugg-A-Planet® Soft Globe
Hugg-A-Planet Detail
Item #: KID-101
Price: $18.95

Hugg-A-Planet® Soft Globe

Give The Whole World A Hug!

This brightly colored globe is the softest, cuddliest world can imagine. Geographically accurate, the Hugg-A-Planet is loved by kids from 1 to 100. Adored by young children and a big hit in college dorms, the Hugg-A-Planet is sure to please all. The 12” globe is covered in a vibrantly printed cotton fabric depicting over 600 places and stuffed with super soft batting. Study far away places, throw it around without fear of damage or use it as a pillow. The Hugg-A-Planet creates a fun opportunity to study geography with kids. It’s great for home, dorm, classroom or any child space. Made in China of all new materials.*

“Our kids were inseparable from their Hugg-A-Planet when they were toddlers. They carried it around the house and would sleep with it cradled in their arms. When they were older, they used to have catches and the occasion ‘pillow’ fight with it. I’d ask my daughters, “Where do lemurs live?” and they would point to Madagascar and say “Here, Daddy!”
– G.R., Hinesburg, VT

KID-101 Hugg-A-Planet……….. $18.95

*We care about how our products are made. The product’s vendor assures us that this product is made by an all adult labor force under good working conditions and paid fair wages for Guangdong province, a major manufacturing region in China.

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