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How to Fold a Paper Crane Video Detail
Item #: VID-104A (VHS)
Price: $99.95
Item #: VID-104B (DVD)
Price: $99.95

How to Fold a Paper Crane
directed by George Levinson

The Paper Crane is an International Symbol of Peace

In ancient Japan, people believed the crane lived for a thousand years. And there is an old legend that if you fold a thousand paper cranes, the gods will grant your wish. In recent times, people throughout the world have been touched by the true story of Sadako Sasaki, a young Japanese girl from Hiroshima who developed leukemia from the atomic bomb. Sadako began folding a thousand paper cranes in hopes that she would be well again.

Today, the paper crane is an international symbol of peace and perhaps the most popular and elegant example of origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Every year, millions of cranes are sent to the Children’s Monument in Hiroshima’s Peace Park, and Sadako has become a contemporary heroine of peace.

This video is guaranteed to teach you how to fold a paper crane or you may return it for a full refund. As for making wishes come true… that mystery resides in the heart of the folder.

In this video a whimsical pair of hands, guided by a lively narrator, demonstrates how to transform a square piece of paper into a graceful crane in 26 clearly presented steps. Each fold is numbered on the screen for easy reference, and the program is divided into segments to assist classroom instruction and allow for different levels of skill and speed.

Welcome to the world of origami, an ingenious art form, steeped in legend, accessible to young and old, and a delight to perform. Paper cranes are unique and graceful, and folding them is very satisfying. Whether they are sent to Hiroshima, the President, or someone recovering from an illness, the paper crane is a welcomed gift of special beauty and meaning.

A companion to the award-winning video Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Includes detailed illustrations & information plus origami paper.

Age level: 8 – Adult
Running time: 30 minutes / Color / Stereo

VID-104A/B How to Fold a Paper Crane.....$99.95

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