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*Actual flag has a 2" white border around image shown above

Peaceful Hearts Flag

Express Your Peaceful Intention Eight Ways!

Eight hearts, each containing a different representation of peace, for a lotus pattern and encircle a beautiful image of planet earth within another lotus! This beautiful batik flag is designed in Hawaii by a peace-centered artist and hand-painted on rayon in Bali by a family business. The flag is approximately 32" (28 cm) wide x 34" (24 cm) tall. Includes a pocket on the 32" edge for display purposes. Suitable for home or garden (please note that direct sunlight may slightly fade the flags).

Includes eight representations of peace:
  • Dove of Peace
  • Arabic 'As-Salaam'
  • Latin 'Pax'
  • Hebrew 'Shalom'
  • Peace Crane
  • Russian 'Mir'
  • Chinese 'Huh Ping'
  • Sanskrit 'Shanti'

Buy 3 or more flags for $27.95 each

Item # PF-9
Price: $34.95

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