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Company Store » Gift Ideas » Woodstock Chapel Chime
Woodstock Chapel Chime Detail
Item #: GFT-119
Price: $29.95

Woodstock Chapel Chime

A Musical Tool to Enhance Postive Flow of Energy

The Sound of Peace - The energetic resonance and vibrations which create sound, by their nature, have a clearing effect on an environment. Sound, traditionally, is used to enhance the positive flow of energy and to invoke a sacred, Spiritual space. Through personal attunement to sound a sense of oneness is experienced.

Designed to include many elements found in our great cathedrals, including soaring arches and a beautiful cross.

A wonderful addition to our series of Inspirational Chimes, the chapel chime has a simple elegance. Reminiscent of the traditional saying - "Make new friends but keep the old - one is silver and the other is gold."

Contents: Satin silver anodized aluminum arches, ten satin gold anodized aluminum rods, embossed brass cross
Dimensions: 21 in. Overall Length

Listen to the Woodstock Chapel Chime

GFT-119 Woodstock Chapel Chime…….$29.95

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