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Peruvian Carved Gourd Ornaments Detail
Item #: GFT-103
Price: $9.95

Carved Gourd Ornament Set

An Ancient Andean Tradition Helps Bring the Spirit of Peace to Your Home

In Pre-Colombian times, decorated gourds were used throughout the Andes. Gourd vessels were elaborately etched in scenes that told stories - the latest news or ancient legends. Vessels thus decorated were used locally but also to carry messages between regions. Now, the only area where this 2000 year old tradition survives is in the twin villages of Cocha Chicas and Cochas Grandes, a short drive from the city of Huancayo.

These gourd ornaments are hand-made by artisans in Peru where there's a long and rich tradition in craft production. The set includes a Peace Dove gourd and a ‘Circle of Friends’ gourd, packed together in a sturdy box. Each gourd is approximately 2” in diameter.

How the Gourds are Made
Gourds are available in a variety of sizes, so artisans usually contract with growers for a certain approximate size in the sowing season, October. The gourds are ready to be worked the following June.

The gourds are smooth on the outside and velvety on the inside. The sun-dried gourd is trimmed and washed, readying it for decoration. Decorations are carved, etched and burned into the gourd. After it is decorated, the gourd is washed again, and then dried further in a kiln or over a flame. Sometimes a gourd is further decorated by being rewashed and then finished into a variety of products such as these charming ornaments. A Fairly-Traded product.

GFT-103 Carved Gourd Ornament Set……….. $9.95

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