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Zenergy Meditation Chime Detail
Item #: GFT-112
Price: $14.95

Zenergy Meditation Chime

A Musical Tool to Help Refocus Your Awareness

This beautiful and simple chime consists of two silver chime rods suspended in a cherry-finish wooden holder. A gentle strike of the mallet creates a beautiful sustained tone that helps clear the space, refocus your awareness, indicate an important event or mark the beginning and/or end of a meditation period.

It is small enough for a desktop, with a tone to fill most any room. The two rods are tuned to almost the same pitch and produce a fascinating pulse known as ‘beating.’ The Zenergy Meditation Chime will heighten one's sensory awareness. Listening exercises are included.

Contents: 2 silver chime rods in a cherry-finish wooden holder, mallet and instructions / Dimensions: 7.25" L x 2.25" W x 1.75" H

Listen to the Zenergy Meditation Chime

GFT-112 Zenergy Meditation Chime……….$14.95

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