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Open Your Heart and Lighten Up

Item # AUD-104
Price: $18.00

Open Your Heart and Lighten Up
CD by Carol Hansen Grey

You’ve been asking for it and now it’s available—a Lighten Up CD featuring 27 tracks including:

1) Victor’s Intro,
2) Carol’s Intro,
3) Background,
4) Carol’s Job,
5) Work Your Joy,
6) New Year’s Meditation,
7) Let Go of Past and Future,
8) A Small Willingness,
9) Lighten Up Process,
10) Carol’s Experience,
11) Caffeine Story, 12) The Analogy,
13) Override the Mind,
14) Mind Chatter,
15) The Big Picture,
16) Relationship with Food,
17) Healing Stories,
18) Emotional Genetics,
19) Tools for Transformation,
20) Meditation and Kything,
21) Eliminating Negativity,
22) Victor and the Media,
23) Rainbow Clearing,
24) Children, Commercials and Self Esteem,
25) The Aging Process,
26) Row Your Own Boat and
27) Ordering Information.

Learn the simple 5 minute-a-day process that has taught thousands of people how to heal themselves on all levels by learning to love themselves unconditionally. Now with the convenience of this multi-track CD, you can easily listen to your favorite parts of the Lighten Up workshop by simply selecting the track you wish to hear over again.

If you are touched by the Lighten Up message and wish to share it with others, please consider joining our Lighten Up family and purchase our CD through our generous quanitity discount program.

AUD-104 Open Your Heart and LIghten Up…. $18.00

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