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Peace Tales for Kids CD
Sarah Malone, Storyteller

Told by New Mexico bilingual storyteller Sarah Malone in a warm, rich voice, Peace Tales come from diverse folk traditions, storytellers, and writers. Stories reflect cultures from many lands – Zimbabwe, China, Germany, India, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, the southwestern US, and Appalachia. A variety of musical accompaniments makes for delightful listening.

Winner 2004 Storytelling World Resource Award.

13 tracks, 2003.


Is There Really a Human Race? Book
Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell

A rhyming, witty romp through our hero’s imaginings of what a ‘human race’ might entail. Makes the point that enjoying the journey, trying your best, and helping others will make the world a better place.
Hardcover, 9×11, 40pp., 2006.


What Can I Do Today? Book
Allison Stoutland

From the neighborhood to the classroom, at work, and at play, it’s the little things we do that have the biggest effect on others.A great read-aloud chain of heartfelt actions that make the world a happier place!
Ages 3-7.

Hardcover, 8×8, 15pp., 2006


Widening the Circle
Mara Sapon-Shevin

An inspiring look at the promise truly inclusive education offers our children, and a democratic society. With thoughtful argument and engaging storytelling, Mara, who authors the Teachers Guide to the Peace Calendar, demonstrates that inclusive schooling teaches children to connect deeply with others and see themselves as powerful agents of change. Her book should be read by all educators
Alfie Kohn

Softcover, 8×6, 250pp., 2007.


Wicked Cool Sustainable Solutions for Kids Coloring Book

An Activity and Coloring Book for Little and Big People
Becky Johnson

An engaging, creative tool to get kids, and their adults, thinking about their impact on the Earth. With sections on Local Environment, Food, Conscious Consuming, Energy, Transportation, and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Users are encouraged to take responsibility, problem-solve, and “be the change they wish to see.” Terrific classroom or home-schooling resource.
Ages 5-12

Softcover, 9×11, 48pp., 2006


GirlSource: A Book By & For Young Women

Girlsource empowers young women by giving them meaningful work that teaches life, leadership, and media skills in the process of creating useful products for other young women. Thus we get a terrific book, written by teenage girls for teen girls, with in-depth discussions and options for more than 50 questions vital to yound women today. Section headings includes, Our Minds and Souls, Bodies, Relationships, Rights, and Our Futures.

Softcover, 8×11, 96pp., 2003.


Respect: A Girls Guide…Book
Macavinta and Vander Pluym

Makes the point that respect is connected to everything, that every girl deserves respect, and that respect is always within reach because it starts on the inside. Topics range from body image, family, friends, school, rumors, and relationships through to sexual harrassment, date rape, sex, drugs, and alcohol. Activities, writing exercises, sidebars, scenarios, and quotes from teens make the information and ideas interesting and accessible.

Ages 13 and up.
Softcover, 7×9, 240pp., 2005.


Alternative Alphabet Poster

Artist: Karen Kerney, cut paper, SCW©1998

Features words ranging from basic elements of a child’s life to concepts likely to be met with puzzlement. It reflects respect for the Earth and all its creatures; for its variety of cultures, histories, and peoples; for principles of justice and freedom; for wonder in the sky above and the soil below. Four page “Parents and Teachers Guide” included with each poster.
24×36, laminated



Changing the World Through Children Poster

Artist: Jane Evershed

Text on Poster: “May we never break the strong spirits of our daughters. May we teach our sons to become loving and nurturing men. In so doing, we hold the key to universal peace.”
Dioxin-free paper, soy inks.



Children's Rights Poster

Artist:  Unknown

From a South African children’s rights organization. Thanks to www.rethinkingschools.org.

18×24, laminated


Other Cultures Poster

Artist: Ann Altman. SCW ©2003

SCW customer, Bill Rathborne, sent us this quote (from anthropologist & ethnobotanist Wade Davis) with the poster suggestion and the expressed hope to see it “on every classroom wall!” We couldn’t agree more.
Also available in blank notecards


Love Spoken Here Poster

Artist: Mayer Shevin concept. SCW©2007.

Photographs (upper left, clockwise): Photographers Catherine Allport, Debbie Cooper, artist Martha Perske, Val Shaff, Peter Greste, Earl Dotter, Mia Grondahl, and Earl Dotter. Needlework: Rae Kramer.
From babies to antiwar protests celebrate love in all its powerful expressions.

24x18, laminated


UN Convention…Rights of The Child Poster

Illustration and design by Karen Kerney, SCW© 2005

This important document, written in accessible language,is the companion piece to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Convention was unanimously adopted by the UN General Assembly on November 20, 1989 and has been ratified by every country in the world except two – the USA and Somalia.

18×24, laminated


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