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Change the World Poster

Artist:  Eric Drooker, scratchboard; Kathe Kollwitz quote; Erin Davies, colorization. SCW© 2004

Kathe Kollwitz was a 1920’s German artist whose powerful woodcuts such as a Never Again War! came to symbolize a generation’s horrified reaction to World War I.



Dancing with the Sun Poster

Artist: Mara Berendt Friedman. SCW© 2005


Also available as a blank notecard


Hold Dear What is Sacred Poster

Artist: Ann Altman. SCW© 2006

This art poster from one of our most popular artists reminds us to celebrate the beauty and meaning to be found in our everyday worlds.


Also available in blank notecards.


How to End Violence…Poster

Artist: SCW Community

One in three women murdered in the US is killed by her husband/boyfriend. 50% of wife-batterers also assault and abuse their children. The sad regularity of reports of this violence spurred our efforts to bring this poster to reality. 32 things to think about/do to help stop this epidemic.
12×36, laminated.


Women of Every Land Poster

Artist:  SCW© 2000. Text excerpted trom a poem in Sing a Battle Song: Poems by Women in the Weather Underground,1975. Author Unknown.

From Code Pink to Ladies Against Women to the Raging Grannies, women have been in the forefront of the struggle against the Iraq war. This historically connected poster acknowledges and celebrates that fact. Poster is on beautiful, heavy, 100% postconsumer waste stock, dioxin and chlorine free.


Also available as a blank notecard


Imagine Peace Poster

Sculpture, Larry Meyers; photograph, Rick Egan; quote, John Lennon. SCW ©2006

Larry created this remarkable 8’ rolling prayer wheel at the 2003 Burning Man festival. As it rolled, hopeful messages which were carved on its side were left in the sand. This week-long celebration of creativity is held each year in the Black Rock Desert 90 miles from Reno, NV www.burningman.com.
Our thanks to former SCW staffer Erin Davies for advocating for this piece and to Yoko Ono for permission to use John Lennon’s quote.



Celebrate Community Laminated Poster

Artist: Bonnie Acker, cut paper. SCW©1998

Also available as blank notecard




Circle Dance Poster

Artist:  Ann Altman, SCW©2001

Diverse kids joyously kicking up their heels.




Alternative Alphabet Poster

Artist: Karen Kerney, cut paper, SCW©1998

Features words ranging from basic elements of a child’s life to concepts likely to be met with puzzlement. It reflects respect for the Earth and all its creatures; for its variety of cultures, histories, and peoples; for principles of justice and freedom; for wonder in the sky above and the soil below. Four page “Parents and Teachers Guide” included with each poster.
24×36, laminated



Changing the World Through Children Poster

Artist: Jane Evershed

Text on Poster: “May we never break the strong spirits of our daughters. May we teach our sons to become loving and nurturing men. In so doing, we hold the key to universal peace.”
Dioxin-free paper, soy inks.



Children's Rights Poster

Artist:  Unknown

From a South African children’s rights organization. Thanks to www.rethinkingschools.org.

18×24, laminated


Other Cultures Poster

Artist: Ann Altman. SCW ©2003

SCW customer, Bill Rathborne, sent us this quote (from anthropologist & ethnobotanist Wade Davis) with the poster suggestion and the expressed hope to see it “on every classroom wall!” We couldn’t agree more.
Also available in blank notecards


Love Spoken Here Poster

Artist: Mayer Shevin concept. SCW©2007.

Photographs (upper left, clockwise): Photographers Catherine Allport, Debbie Cooper, artist Martha Perske, Val Shaff, Peter Greste, Earl Dotter, Mia Grondahl, and Earl Dotter. Needlework: Rae Kramer.
From babies to antiwar protests celebrate love in all its powerful expressions.

24x18, laminated


UN Convention…Rights of The Child Poster

Illustration and design by Karen Kerney, SCW© 2005

This important document, written in accessible language,is the companion piece to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Convention was unanimously adopted by the UN General Assembly on November 20, 1989 and has been ratified by every country in the world except two – the USA and Somalia.

18×24, laminated


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