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The Compassionate Classroom Detail
Item #: BOK-304
Price: $29.95
Compassionate Classroom
by Jane Dalton and Lyn Fairchild

Lessons That Nurture Wisdom and Empathy

A compassionate adolescent? Groups of students practicing random (and anonymous) acts of kindness? What’s going on at school?!

Clearly, something wonderful is happening, and authors Jane Dalton and Lyn Fairchild show you how you can replicate these wonders in your own classroom. This inspirational guidebook is packed with activities to support you in creating a classroom community of empathy, reverence, self-awareness, mindfulness, and creativity. Each entry begins with an anecdote from the authors’ teaching experience followed by a short summary of secular or interfaith philosophies, and is completed with a concise lesson plan ready for implementation the following day. The practical lessons cultivate self awareness, emotional intelligence, and reflective thinking while fostering respect, building connections among diverse populations, and addressing your students’ spiritual yearnings—all in a way that in compatible with public school guidelines.

“This is a valuable resource for teachers exploring spirituality in the classroom. The activities are thoughtfully presented and should appeal to teachers. I particularly like the interfaith perspective that is found in many of the activities.” —Jack Miller, author of Education and the Soul and The Holistic Curriculum

Highly recommended.

Softcover / 176 pages / Dimensions: 0.39” x 10.00” x 8.02”

BOK-304 The Compassionate Classroom….$29.95

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