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The Courage for Peace
by Louise Diamond

Daring to Create Harmony in Ourselves and the World
“Louise Diamond has given us a path that we might follow, a way that we might arrive at the place where we all say we want to be...Here are practical examples, real-life stories of how real-life people have lived the real truth of how Life is...that there is a way to live together in harmony, and in peace.”
-From the forward by Neale Donald Walsch,
author of Conversations with God

A Call to Action Book by Louise Diamond

Table of Contents
FORWARD: by Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God
OVERTURE: Releasing the Spirit of Peace
ONE: Tapping the Source of Peace
TWO: Awakening the Mind of Peace
THREE: Opening the Heart of Peace
FOUR: Unleashing the Power of Peace
FINALE: Finding the Courage for Peace in the Twenty-First Century
CALL TO ACTION:: Peace Resource Guide

Copyright 1999. Softcover, 263 pages.

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