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Item #: BOK-110
Price: $8.95
Everyone Wins
by Sambhava and Josette Luvmour

Resolve conflict, enhance communication.and have fun together!

Everyone Wins! Is packed with over 150 cooperative games and activities selected to help children in your care: Resolve conflict, enhance communication, build self-esteem, appreciate nature, laugh with each other, be creative, and have fun together!

Everyone Wins! is an easy to use, quick reference guide for teachers, family members and group leaders. Each game and activity, carefully tested and evaluated, is developmentally graded and indexed according to appropriate age level, activity level, group size and location. Materials and props are always simple and inexpensive.

These cooperative games and activities have been used successfully in the following learning environments: playgrounds, public and private schools, families, differently-abled groups, camps, church groups, home schooling, community gatherings, multicultural settings, counseling and nature walks.

Founders for the Center for Educational Guidance (CEG) in North San Juan, California, Sambhava and Josette Luvmour are developmental psychologists. Their work has been published in Mothering, Home Education Magazine, The Community Endeavor and New World Times.

Softcover / 104 pages / Dimensions: 0.32” x 8.53” x 5.53”

BOK-110 Everyone Wins!……….$8.95

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