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Talking Walls Detail
Item #: BOK-113
Price: $9.50
Talking Walls
by Margy Burns Knight

Exploring Cultures by Exploring Walls

Do walls talk? If they did, what would they tell us? Who built them? Why? Can you imagine a world without walls?

Talking Walls is a unique addition to the field of children’s literature: it introduces young readers to different cultures by exploring walls around the world, showing the impact of walls on the people who build and are divided or unified by these partitions.

In Talking Walls, vibrantly colored pastel illustrations portray the way children live with these walls. We wander into a dark cave with four French children to discover the amazing Lascaux cave paintings. An Australian aboriginal youth shows us how each generation in his family has added images of their hands to a wall of paintings going back thousands of years. A child tucks his folded prayer between the stones of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, listening for an answer.

How far away are these walls? Who would you meet at them? What languages would you hear? Answers to these questions and other information about the talking walls are included on each page and in a useful compendium at the end of the book.

Climb on these walls, explore these different cultures as your fingers touch the different stones. Where are there walls in your world? What stories do they tell?

Reading Level: Ages 8-12

Softcover / 40 pages / Dimensions: 12.0 x 9.5 x 0.2 inches

BOK-113 Talking Walls….$9.50

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