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The Kids Guide to Working Out Conflicts Detail
Item #: BOK-111
Price: $13.95
The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts
by Naomi Drew

How Kids Can Keep Cool, Stay Safe, and Get Along

Being teased? Keep cool. Feeling threatened? Stay Safe. Can’t agree? Get along. Sound simple? It’s not, but kids can do it if they want. This book gives kids the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to resolve conflict, defuse tough situations, stand up for themselves, and more.

Conflict is part of being human. It’s normal and natural. It’s also a major source of stress in our lives. And it’s the main cause of violence in our schools, homes, and the world. You don’t have to be upset, annoyed, irritated, scared, or just plain mad most of the time. There are real things you can do to deal with conflict, get along better with almost anyone, and feel a lot better about your self. This book is full of ideas to think about and strategies to try.

Look inside to find:
• Conflict triggers to watch for
• The difference between conflict solvers and conflict makers
• Skills for becoming a better listener
• Guidelines for talking out problems
• Secrets to getting a handle on anger
• Strategies for de-stressing
• Ways to deal with teasing and bullying
• Things to try when other people aren’t willing to work out conflicts
• Real-life examples of conflicts kids have had and how they solve them
• Activities and action plans that help you use what you’re learning in your everyday life
• Self-tests, conflict logs, and other forms for tracking your progress

Throughout, you’ll read more than 1,000 quotes and insights from middle school students across the country who responded to a nationwide survey. Like you, they care about conflict and want to do something about it.

Level: Ages 10 – 17

Softcover / 144 pages / Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.1 x 0.4 inches

BOK-111 The Kids' Guide to Working Out Conflicts…............................................................$13.95

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